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Red Tricycle is a digital media site filled with content to fuel the parenting universe with activities and adventures. I've published over 2,000 posts since 2014. 

Feast Your Eyes On Breakfasts Around the World

Cereal, pancakes, toast or perhaps you're looking for something a little more global for breakfast today. We're serving up ideas from around the world, from a savory English breakfast to a museli and berry feast from Norway. Read on to discover what other families are nom-ming on after their alarm clock rings.

+ Here's Why Feb 29th Exists
Dive In! 13 Incredible Watering Holes
+ Everything You Wanted to Know About Animation
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The Voidist

The Voidist is a Medium publication featuring  essays about creativity, politics, business, sexuality, and technology. Circulation: 1.1K

We've become terrible first dates 
On a subconscious level, first dates don’t get the respect they deserve anymore. Somehow they’ve gone from being a catalyst to a foreshadow of an end result. Instead of working on a relationship, we split our attention and affection between profiles looking for a ready made one.

+ My first "happy lost virginity" party



HumanHuman is a community of music professionals who discover talent before they reach mainstream success and provide feedback to new artists. For example: Alt-J, who now has over 1 million listeners, was submitted to HH when they only had 696 listeners on

+ Debuts with a Difference (Stand out debut songs from promising & successful discoveries)

Hook, line and sinker is the easiest way to describe how Tsar B’s “Escalate” captured every ear. Like a snake charmer, this Belgian artist skillfully uses her hypnotic vocals and R&B beats to put listeners in a trance, leaving them to wonder what they just heard… and then move to press play again.

The Key to Capturing A Listener's Attention (Analytical opinion piece on becoming a music fan)
+ Welcome to the Single's Era (Exploring the future of music, co-written with Hannah Thacker)



Sodwee stands for "Song of Da Week." This Parisian music blog has been a purveyor of music since 2006.

New Music: Mothica - No One
New Music: BLAJK - Lost
Premiere: RVRB - Lost//Awake & Maybe I Could
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