Love Gives Lust a Bad Name

Love and Lust are waiting to be adopted. There’s an obvious choice of who to bring home: the innocent one who is an A student. The other will just be the black sheep.

Everyone tells you to take in Love.

On paper, Love is the one who with the gold star resume. Their cover letter that hits all the keywords in your search engine. Kind. Patient. Humble. Selfless.

Lust is the one with a few gap years. They come to interview and can’t keep eye contact. Wandering eyes and the inability to remember what they had for breakfast. Everybody tells you to forget Lust.

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I'm obsessed with this phrase. It sounds like a paradox but it's so much more.

Instagram is such a great place for travel inspiration, bringing light to formerly unknown corners of the world and showcasing overexposed destinations in a new light. Yet... in another way, it's an unhealthy breeding ground for envy.

Where is this narrative that a "plane ride should be the introduction" to every journey coming from? Who says that you need to capture aerial views from a mountain in Germany and not a short hike that's right in your city? This idea that inspiration can't be found where you are is unsettling. It's what had me fidgeting to travel without a care for the now.

I can't say that I've "lived" in enough cities to determine that the idea of #stayandwander works anywhere. Of course living on the coast makes adventuring in your own home a lot easier. San Francisco is so close to so many stunning places. Point Reyes. Mt. Tam. Big Sur. Untouched corners of the world that give a glimpse into a life of simplicity.


This is my first step to discovering a routine of finding home, no matter where I go. If you can't love where you must be now, appreciation then comes by default, not truth.

Day 5 + 6: Outfit & Game Face

I have no intention of posting a photo of myself in my outfit or my game face (which I'm not sure what it would even be). It's a mixture of lack of confidence and the fact that my outfit is just a sports bra and shorts. Sometimes I workout only in a sports bra and underwear... because I roll out of bed, onto the floor and straight into my burpees. 

Perhaps it's an image insecurity. When I look at myself, I don't see anything but clothes on a body that's perfect in the morning and degrades at night (#morningabs). But to be honest, my body has come a long way since. Prior to this #fitlife, I spent most of my time covering myself, refusing to look or think about it. One and a half years later, my perspective has changed.

I'm work in progress.

Sure it's slow progress, but none the less, I'm miles ahead in terms of health and confidence. Hell, I actually prefer to walk around naked these days.

It's not about the outfit. The outfit is just a plus, decoration on an already great platform. A brand new, cute outfit might motivate you to work out more for the first day or two, but it's not going to give you abs and a butt lift. If anything, an outfit that makes you look better is just an excuse to stay comfortable.

All you really need is to make sure you have enough outfits to rotate through if you're increasing your workout. I still remember the horror of having only one pair of yoga pants and trying to go to Bikram yoga every other day... Let's just say... Salt patterns. Sweaty, white patterns. 

In all honesty, my go-to fitness outfit is whatever is best suitable for tackling moments like this:

If that means wearing the world's ugliest outfit to get see the world's most beautiful looking glass. So be it.

If that means wearing the world's ugliest outfit to get see the world's most beautiful looking glass. So be it.

So while I'm not at the point of "showing" off my outfits or clothing to the Internet, I think the time will come. I guess these are pictures for a future Transformation Tuesday or progress photo. 

Day 4: Intention

I can count how many times I've "restarted" Amanda Bisk's Fresh Body Fit Mind program... I got to Week 5 in November before I decided to restart because I wasn't preforming up to standard. Then I went through Week 1-2 before I flayed my way through Week 3. It was the holidays, but there's no excuse because before I knew it... the original group that started in Oct completed the whole program. What I went into thinking would feel like an "agonizing" 12 weeks flashed by when conducted in laziness :( 

So my goal for this week is to smash Amanda Bisk's Pre-Training Guide, eat low carb and spend $0 until Saturday. I did fail the eating part just an hour ago ...chowed down on an almond brittle bar, BUT now that all the snacks are gone, there's no excuse. I'll just have to eat low carb until Monday. Besides, if I'm craving for no reason at all, I can eat a spoonful of peanut butter. Damn, I forgot I had that...

My personal intention is also to create a "mood application." I don't want to reveal what that is yet until I finish it. I read somewhere that it's healthier to vocalize fulfilled intentions rather than just speaking of them without any action at all.

Fish. Waves. Splash.

By the way, Day 1 of Pre-Training

Day 2: Get Outside

We wandered onto the beach and followed this little one up a pathless hill. The air was crisp and the ocean waves crashed in the background. Sometimes big, sometimes small, but never loudly. The noise slowly became a calm lull as the sun continued to set over Mile Rock Beach.

2016 Resolution, bring the camera out more often.