Day 4: Intention

I can count how many times I've "restarted" Amanda Bisk's Fresh Body Fit Mind program... I got to Week 5 in November before I decided to restart because I wasn't preforming up to standard. Then I went through Week 1-2 before I flayed my way through Week 3. It was the holidays, but there's no excuse because before I knew it... the original group that started in Oct completed the whole program. What I went into thinking would feel like an "agonizing" 12 weeks flashed by when conducted in laziness :( 

So my goal for this week is to smash Amanda Bisk's Pre-Training Guide, eat low carb and spend $0 until Saturday. I did fail the eating part just an hour ago ...chowed down on an almond brittle bar, BUT now that all the snacks are gone, there's no excuse. I'll just have to eat low carb until Monday. Besides, if I'm craving for no reason at all, I can eat a spoonful of peanut butter. Damn, I forgot I had that...

My personal intention is also to create a "mood application." I don't want to reveal what that is yet until I finish it. I read somewhere that it's healthier to vocalize fulfilled intentions rather than just speaking of them without any action at all.

Fish. Waves. Splash.

By the way, Day 1 of Pre-Training